Beer Festival 2012 Charity Success Windmill Beer festival raised £3,00 for charity Epilepsy Bereved

On December 11 2009 Lee Johnson, 24, had just been selected to coach football in the US when he tragically died due to the epilepsy he had suffered since childhood. He was in good health, loved communicating his passion for sport to others and was a natural for the job. Many people who met Lee said they’d never known a more enthusiastic and smiley person.

Simon and Vicky, Lee’s parents, said having found out what they now know, they owe it to Lee to work to try and remove the taboo around epilepsy, raise awareness that epilepsy can kill and raise money for research into understanding why these deaths happen.

Since Lee’s death his family have organised many fundraising events in aid of Lee and the Epilepsy Bereaved charity, who are committed to preventing sudden unexpected death in epilepsy through research, awareness and influencing change.

Thank you all for your support